Analytical Laboratory Services

Analytical Services Laboratory

DAL Mining Analytical Services Laboratory is a leader in the provision of analytical services to the mining industry.

DAL Mining has experienced and knowledgeable laboratorial staff that are capable in providing a broad range of services to assist with all analysis requirements.

Our added values:

  • Our analytical laboratory is certified and registered with global application of standard procedures and audits to maintain standard practice.
  • We are on track to link its network with an internal and customized LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) for a better quality control and assurance program, Data Integrity and monitoring.
  • Our Laboratory is working under strict ISO 17025 requirements and is working towards becoming ISO 17025 accredited by the mid of 2018.
  • DAL Mining is in a unique position to deliver full on-site services from designing labs to upgrading existing ones, along with providing mobile laboratory services to assist with the analysis of artisanal miners ore.

Our Laboratory Services

In House Services (DAL Mining Laboratory)

Sample Preparation:

  • The purpose of sample preparation is to produce a homogeneous sub-sample, representative of the initial material submitted by the client.
  • Taking under consideration that sample preparation is the most critical step in the entire laboratory operation, we at DAL Mining handle the sample with care to prevent any possible contamination. We also follow the standard Quality Control procedures to monitor the quality of our crushing and pulverization processes.

Onsite Analytical Services:

Under strict compliance with the Health, Safety and Environment, DAL Mining services include:

  • Design, building and management of mine site laboratories, including custom equipment design and manufacturing (benches, samplers, etc.) and installation and servicing of equipment.
  • Update and optimization of existing laboratories.
  • Operating and managing on-site mine laboratories.
  • Independent on-site laboratory services to facilitate the transaction of ore and payment between artisanal miners and mining companies.

Analytical Services

Our Laboratories offers an extensive range of analytical methods. These services are also offered onsite. Our testing capabilities and include but not limited to: AAS, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, Advanced Microwave Digestion System, UV-visible Spectroscopy, Conductivity, pH, etc. Below is a short list of analytical packages we offer:
  • Determination of gold in rocks, ores and other geological materials by aqua regia digestion followed by atomic absorption techniques finish
  • Determination of gold and silver in geological samples by aqua regia digestion with AA finish
  • Determination of gold and multi-elements package by aqua regia digestion with ICP-OES finish

Our Internal and External Quality Control Scheme:

  • The Analytical Laboratory Services of DAL Mining have a comprehensive QA/QC program to monitor and control all aspects of laboratory processes in order to provide the most reliable and defensible analytical results.
  • During the process of analysis, quality control samples, which include certified reference materials, internal control samples, procedure blanks and duplicates, are inserted in each analytical run.
  • The following summarizes the frequency QC samples processed:
    • 5% Method Blanks (MB) – one analysed within each process lot of 20 samples.
    • 10% Laboratory Duplicates (Dups) – two analysed within each process lot of 20 samples.
    • 5% Laboratory Internal Control Samples (LICS) – one analysed within each process lot of 20 samples.
    • 5% Certified Reference Samples (CRS) – one analysed within each process lot of 20 samples.
  • Dal Mining Laboratories regularly participate in international round robin programs for gold and precious metals analysis.