DAL Mining provides a wide range of chemicals needed in the processing and extraction of minerals.


Our Chemical Products

Activated Carbon

We are the distributor for Jacobi Carbons one of the leading brands in the industry with its widely ranged products line for activated carbon. PICAGOLD carbons are optimised for the use in mining industry proving good adsorption and elution characteristics, exhibiting maximum product hardness, high resistance to attrition and producing fewer fines during regeneration.

More chemicals

  • Borax – Na₂B₄O₇
  • Sodium Nitrate NaNo₃- KNO₃
  • Silica - SiO₂
  • Caustic NaOH - KOH
  • Soda Ash Na₂Co₃ - k₂Co₃
  • Alcohol – Ethanol
  • Lime CaO
  • Hydrochloric Acid HCL
  • Nitric Acid HNO₃
  • Polyacrylamide